Motionbuilder Facial Rig Tutorial Part 1

Ok so I’ve started a tutorial for my motionbuilder facial rig. The first part is more about setting up the files for the main bulk of the tutorial. I wanted to use the character rig to show you how to create the rig, what better way to showcase the facial rig by using it in the tutorial.

On the 24th of October 2008 I decided to set off to Marsden beach to try my luck at taking a nice sunrise image and had a great result. So I decided to create a projection mapping of this photograph onto a 3D environment inside 3DS Max.

Projection Mapping

Been playing around with some projection mapping these last few weeks. Currently working on a photography I’ve taken a while back and making it into a 3D image. I’m playing around with the depth of field in mental ray and having some nice results which I’ll post up soon.

Under Construction

Currently updating my website to a blog site. The showreel section is now updated. I’ve updated the showreel page and added the MA Character Animation work on the top menu page.